Fantastic Ning and the Transformers

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I decided to do a major overhauling in the house last weekend–driving everyone crazy, of course. My weekend hero was Fantastic Ning who was brave enough to utter only two words whenever I was around. “Op” which I finally discerned was a shortcut for “opo” (the polite way of saying ‘yes’ in the Filipino language), and “Op” which again, I decoded, was an expression of surprise.  So the reply to all my requests and what I would hear when a stack of plates would crash on the floor sounded exactly the same. Fantastic Ning was a woman of homophones.

When we were done cleaning past dinner time, I collapsed in bed not wanting to move until the next working day. I just wanted to lie there for two days and privately play Cluedo inside my head. Cole, my eight-year old, dropped right beside me and complained it was such an exhausting day for him.

“And would you like to tell me what it was exactly you did that got you so tired? My memory tells me that your activities for the day included playing the guitar, eating french fries, playing the guitar, eating a burger, playing with your toy cars, eating an orange, and talking to Jason (the four-year old neighbor he recently and mysteriously promoted to best friend status) about all of the above. Did I miss anything?” I asked him in a very motherly way. Read: utterly accusing.

Cole stopped to think for a moment then told me, “You were too busy to notice. I transformed all my robots. Do you have any idea how difficult and tiring that is?”

No, I didn’t.  I strayed from the Cybertron again.

“Op!” The plates did crash this time.

Here's one interesting information I found out about Ratchet. Transformers names creator Bob Budiansky said he took the name from Nurse Ratched, the despicable character in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". I may not know much about Transformers but I know the cracked characters of that 1975 film by heart. And I must say this is interestingly weird.

Share with us your best house cleaning tips, superwomen. Everyone needs suggestions when it comes to clean, tidy homes.  

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