Insomnia--and Some Random Thoughts

Friday, January 20, 2012

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When I'm this exhausted my state of confusion snowballs by the minute. 

Anything inspiring on TV is just too much; and Crime Investigation opens an entire room of paranoia, so I leave the boob tube alone.

Sleep is impossible; I get to bed only to find my feet tapping to a beat inside my head, and the top half of my body wants to go where the rest of me doesn't want to go.

When I start to read everything becomes a blur; and when I start to write my mind gets catapulted to outer space.

An e-mail prompt appears on my screen and it's about getting a good night's sleep. Why am I even too tired to read that?

I get a same time message from my sister. Should I model for her for a tattoo stint tomorrow? If I pass out she'd kill me anyway so I'd better stay out of it.

I'll write down a hundred more things then maybe I'd fall asleep doing this. Now it's too dark to see the blue mountains that never fail to recharge me.

It's too cold to go swimming; and it's bizarre to go to the gym at this hour. Wait, why am I even thinking of doing this?

Toffee crunch, granola bar, burger, or vegetable? But then I'm bereft of the energy to chew because then I'd have to  swallow.

Oh. Hubby just called. Why did I say yes to him buying a bucket of chicken?

Chicken is coming. The better news is, hubby is coming home with a bucket of chicken.

I'll sit here and stare. The twinkling stars meet the lights  of houses halfway across the night sky. It's a breathtaking sight, really. Should I write poetry about it?

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