My future self as a beautiful villain

Saturday, January 07, 2012

My son has a dream, and I shall be playing a major role in it.

Cole: Mom, when I become a very successful Hollywood director someday, and you'd still look as young as you do now...would you accept the role of a mumu (Filipino baby talk for anything scary like a ghost or any villainous creature) for my film? 

I thought long and hard about it, barely noticing my own antsiness. 

Then, sensing my anguish over the rather unpretty role, Cole quickly recanted, and said: But a mumu has to be beautiful you know, like the White Witch in Narnia.

Me: How much am I going to get for the role?

Cole: Papa will buy you a house and I will build you a garden on the rooftop.

Mumu role accepted.

This is me, owning my future role as a villain

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