Chi for good health (Last of two parts)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tibetan singing bowls
They say life is what you make it. I’m pretty sure they meant it when they said that because based on (my pseudo mentalist) observation, people who are good to themselves are rewarded with the good things in life. This, I’m sure, has a lot to do with positive thinking and having a positive attitude. Have you noticed that your friend who easily brushes off problems, who thinks of a glass as always being half-full, and who laughs a lot almost never gets sick? Positivity plus a good understanding of chi is the way to go.

In my last post (Click here to read it)I left off with the idea of cleansing. Having a Tibetan singing bowl from the Himalayan region in the Kathmandu is an easy way  to rid your body and your space of stresses and negative energy. Tap, rub, and hit the bowl to produce a beautiful sound; this will cleanse your surroundings and attract good fortune.

Without a singing bowl, you can simply play soothing music and clean all parts of the house. According to Marie Diamond, an international feng shui artist, one way to achieve harmony in life is to create order in your space at home and at work—for how can you expect good energy to flow in if clutter is in the way? Cleanliness  will attract positive energy and therefore abundance.

Anyone who aims for success in any aspect of his life should first focus on his health. Allow for a bit of commonplace thought: Health is still wealth.

A certified feng shui expert and CEO of The World of Feng Shui, Marites Allen says, “There are three kinds of luck that we need to understand. There is the heaven luck that may tell us that other people are prettier than us. Then there is the mankind luck that is influenced by our actions and decisions. If you are lazy then you can’t put food on the table. The third is the earth luck and that is what feng shui is all about. It will tell you what lucky charms to bring with you so you can avoid illness or it will tell you the right directions for your protection. 

In feng shui, what you use to protect you from illnesses are called cures. Here are some of them:

The Laughing Buddha. The potbellied, happy Buddha, also known as Budai, embodies the ideals of health and longevity. Life lived in laughter is the best prevention and cure for all health problems, thus, “Laughter is the best medicine.” (Read Laughter Yoga). The laughing Buddha is not prayed to so it must not be placed in the bedroom or in the dining room.

 Wu-lou. We know it as gourd or calabash. The Wu-lou is known to cure illnesses, and  it represents  health and longevity. It will bring blessings and long life to the family.

 Kuang Kung. He is the strongest attraction for success in career and business. Kuang Kung should be placed in the northwest corner of the house. At work, an image of Kuang Kung should be placed behind where you sit so you’ll always be supported by people around you.

Fuk Luk Sao or The Three Wise Men. The three most important and most visible feng shui icons in households. They integrate prosperity, wealth, excellent fortune, power, authority, success , longevity, and health.

The Peach. It is a symbol of marriage and immortality. The heavenly fruit, according to Chinese texts, is the main ingredient for making pills of longevity that grant good health, long lives and immortality. Peaches can be placed in your living rooms to exert healthy qi and longevity qi.

Read the first part of Chi for good health here

Special thanks to Maritess Allen and The World of Feng Shui Philippines.

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