Horror movies, loving the scare!

Friday, July 06, 2012

I just got a text message from my sister: “We’re watching a horror movie.” 

“Which one?” I asked.

“Some Asian horror movie. Will text you again later. I forgot the title. Ha-ha.”

“Okay, bring that when you come here next time. Hush now, we’re also watching, ” I replied.


“Insidious,” I answered curtly.

My son finds it bizarre that the people closest to him put horror movies on top of the list when choosing a weekend or an after-dinner movie. “Why don’t you just watch something that’s nice? A nice movie?” he reiterated.

“Horror movies are…nice.” I answered, not really sure what on earth I just said.

“Explain that,” Cole demanded.

“My fear exactly, ‘coz I I'm not sure. I really don’t know how to explain that, Cole. Let me see…Some kids my age liked watching "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off", "Indiana Jones" and stuff like that while I liked “The Exorcist”, "Children of the Corn"…"Amityville"…

My voice trailed off as I looked far away.

“Regan Teresa MacNeil was my…hero.”

“Who’s that?”

Suddenly, turning to him and with the best Linda Blair voice and expression I could muster, I said, “The Exorcist!”

Laughter erupted in the living room where my husband and my cousin were seated. After Cole recovered from the surprise, he started laughing and told me, “Mommy, you are the weirdest!”

I was quick to remind him that Linda Blair did not play the exorcist but the possessed young girl. 

“The priest,” I said, “was the exorcist.”

But really, I can’t explain why I like watching horror films. And I have company. Everyone in my family has a penchant for scary stuff. Even Cole. He might complain sometimes but he does like watching horror movies.      

We gathered after dinner to watch “Insidious”. Read Cole’s review of the movie here. He has an awesome blog called “We Have Hippies for Parents”

If you’re ten years old you’ll find some cool stuff there. If you’re older, you’ll find it cute. 


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