The Philippines’ must-see places (Last of two parts)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer is over in the Philippines but in this country, only storms stop people from travelling. And well, a hole in the pocket maybe. 

Here are eight more places that we found on our friends’ travel journals. The first part of the list is here.

Crystal Beach Resort. A rock star among dive spots in the Philippines, Zambales, with its seven outstanding diving sites, is the converging point for local and foreign divers alike. But for those who just want to do some sun-worshipping and toe-digging in the sands of a long South China Sea beach, this is the place to be. Dramatic sunsets also come free. 

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Puning Cave. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is not just another inspirational line—or a line to spark romance. For adventurers who seek meaning, seeing the light from a heart-shaped cave opening might just be more than awe-inspiring. It reminds us that nature is an infallible creator and an unparalleled artist. Let the roads of Dona Remedios, Bulacan lead you to this remarkable cave.


Baguio. Up there the first thing you’d want to do is kiss the sky.  It’s more than just a romantic place. An  altitude of 5,100 feet will give you temperature that’s heaven-sent—especially if you live in a city  where the humidity is a recurring nightmare. The sunward strawberry fields will be impossible to forget.

Manila Bay. Instead of watching the sunset from a distance, why not ride the wind and be part of picturesque Manila Bay? Imagine the shimmering blue waters and the fiery sunset for a backdrop as you cruise the historic bay.

Camiguin Island. How can something so small be so majestic? Known as the island “Born of Fire,” Camiguin, small as it may be, is the hearth of seven volcanoes. The volcanic eruptions of long ago have given us the spectacular sites that we now praise. That coveted getaway from the office bustle lies in this lush landscape of forests floating in a temperamental sea.


Batad. The Ifugao created history when they carved the Batad rice terraces with their bare hands. The celestial experience of watching over this magnificent creation is meant to be shared with those who want to experience the word “perfection”. The ascent to the mountaintops through the terraces is as poignant as a love poem.

Bohol Bee Farm. There’s a hush about a farm that’s gracefully laid against the sea. Flowers in hues of red, yellow, and orange abound, filling the place with honey goodness and life’s sweetness. Let your palate be touched only by nature’s gift in a bowl like the Bougainville salad, among other healthful goodies. After a tour around the honeycombs, take a romantic stroll to the seaside and revel in the winds of Bohol.

Palaui. This renowned corner of Cagayan Valley is hugged by beaches and watched over by a lighthouse that frames the most memorable pictures you’ll ever see. Travelers who have been to Palaui have one conclusion: Paradise found. 


Special thanks to our globetrotter friends who shared with us a page of their journals to make this list of the Philippines’ must-see places possible. Thank you Tanya Conlu, Noy Beldia, Twinkle Gotico, Manny Fernandez.

Share with us your travels here. Would love to hear about the other wonderful places in the Philippines. 

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