July affair

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Love at first sight. How we see the world
day by day. Photo by Alexander Young

June passed us by so swiftly – reminds me of the strong winds coming to us from Laguna de Bay passing through from our sunrise veranda then through our living room, onto our sunset veranda where it moves to an unknown direction. We welcome these occasional gusts with open arms (I have a story on that here.) 

Although the month felt too short a time, June is a month of celebrations in my family. All my siblings were born in June. Some of my maternal cousins who are really close to me were also born in June. This year, the month embedded a memorable mark on our calendar because of a few life-changing events. One of my cousins got married; another one passed the architecture board exam; we officially started unschooling; our little one knows more words and has been expressing herself in such an adorable way; and my husband embraced a breath of new life by finally deciding on taking a different direction in his career. Also, brave as I am, I deactivated my personal Facebook account and realized how more productive I’ve become by focusing on real life. Cure for Mondays’s FB page is very much alive of course so if you have time please check that out. It’s “like”-anemic and needs you to be around.  

So yes, everybody happy.

There were of course a few (negligible) disappointments. My life after all is not a work of fiction. 

I continue to have mental debates with my appetite and this has so far been one of my greatest challenges. Attika will be turning one real soon and I still have not shed my postpartum excess baggage of 20 lbs. to be exact. I’m currently at 120 so there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. But between a BigMac and exercise it’s always so much easier to follow the former’s lead. Bad, bad mommy. I really hope to do something about my weight and in my head it has to start this July.

Let’s deal with the waistline later. For now, let me just say… hello July!

First sunrise of July. Photo by Alexander Young

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