Dell Inspiron replaces practical mom's Old Boy

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Old Boy Desktop finally succumbed to years of use (and subtle abuse) and died a natural death last August (old news it is). When I was about to begin working on a manuscript one morning, it suddenly crept in to me. There it was again, the silence that haunted me when Old Boy refused to boot months back. Was it old age that kept him from strutting? All I could see was a dark screen staring back at me. So I sat there waiting for him to end the tragic taunt and allow me to start working. In my case, time is gold and I don't mean it in a poetic sense. Time is something I don't have and can't have until both kids are on their own. The last time I checked “that time” is quite far into the future. For now,  my everyday life looks something like this: kids+hubby+home+work. Work outside my domestic premise gets accomplished whenever I get a break from both kids. When does that happen to mothers, really?

After checking, rechecking and restarting several times, Mr Young declared Old Boy dead at 8:04, August 23, 2012. 

What now? I have a writing job that won't allow me to use paper and pen for submissions. The world fell apart, and it is with shame that I admit it resembled the sleazy "Twilight Saga" drama.

That drama ended too quickly though and I was back as Maria Von Trapp singing “Climb Every Mountain” when Mr Young came home with a lovely, fiery red surprise. He was keeping it for our anniversary but tragedy happened and we had no choice but to bump off August and let September slide in.

Red it is
My new Inspiron 13z (N311z) is in a fiery red color that I absolutely love. If you're thinking of purchasing a laptop for yourself, you might consider getting this one. Well, unless you hate red as much as I love it. Find a comprehensive full length review by Vincent Chang of CNET Asia here. The only difference is that mine has a 6GB memory. Too much for my needs really, but I'm not complaining.

CNET Asia will cover whatever question you might have about Inspiron. If you're a mom like me who releases the words “how much” pretty much the same way that Zeus released the Kraken, then I should tell you that the price of Inspiron will not upset you. SRP is at USD684 (roughly around PhP 28,700+). 

Attika, our baby Santa

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