A Journal of Sunsets: Tres

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My everyday is a collection of stories, inebriated with too many plots. Plots, I call them, although I think they may simply be musings. There are days when I wake up bursting with energy, there are days, too, when desolation creeps in tacitly, then leaves unannounced. Whenever this happens, I fail to find a logical explanation for it. Perhaps it's because feelings are not meant to be thought through. Perhaps because like sunrises and sunsets feelings happen, a romantic stance, not needing rhyme nor reason. There are also days when little things convulse me with rage, but anger is always overpowered by this huge, huge wonderful thing I also fail to name. Whatever feelings my day may bring, I end it in this one place in our home where all feelings and thoughts, may they be good or bad, get lost in a wide-open space. I get swept off my feet every single day. 

Manila Bay Sunset. Taken from Cole & Attika's Sunset Balcony. November 26. 5:23 PM . Photo by Mr Young 

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