Cheap, Delicious Desserts Around Manila

Monday, September 07, 2015

The one thing that I love about living in Manila is the endless possibilities when it comes to cheap, delicious desserts. 

And by cheap, I mean getting my money's worth. There is no point in paying cheap for a cake that tastes like cardboard, is there?

Uhm…yes, overpriced, overrated desserts come aplenty, too.

My friend Elika sent me multiple messages yesterday (because social media have taught us that texting is old and pricey) and told me that, hooray, she’s free on all Mondays for the month of September. We’ve been trying to pencil in a coffee date for the last three months and there has been no way we could squeeze in catch-up time with my crazy schedule.

Monday! I love going out on weekdays because there’s generally less competition with other human beings for a table. Yes, that means I don’t live in Makati anymore.

The sight, the whiff, the thought of desserts dictate my existence. I have renewed my battle against rice and meat, and have absolutely, and successfully, given up sugar on my coffee. Desserts are a different story altogether though. I was raised in a family where desserts were a requisite portion of all mealtimes. “No dessert, no meal” is part of my genetic code -- an unspoken rule that slithered through my paternal grandmother’s vein and passed on to mine. My children and their dad are not crazy about the sweets, thankfully. While I’m making the shift to healthier desserts, let me share with you some of the sumptuous desserts I’ve had just recently.  

I’ve made my sweet-tooth rounds, during and between errands, and can’t say I’m not the happiest SAHM around. If your favorite dessert didn’t make it to this list, please don’t come chasing after me with a knife. These are just quick stopovers, I promise, which means, I'd have whatever was within my reach for a certain time being. 

I’d love to hear about your best-loved desserts though! Don’t forget to e-mail me at as I’m beginning to feel a deliberate need to “run errands” again soon. 

TCB Unlimited

Guess which five cakes I had -- and all in one sitting? You can have all the cakes and refills of coffee you want for only PhP250

Chopstop Red Velvet Mug Cake 

Photo courtesy of Foodspotting
And I'm not apologizing for mine that looked like this. Mug Cake for only PhP49.00

Max's Dessert Sampler

All the goodies on one plate! PhP209

Conti's Bananalicious Pie

The Bananalicious Pie is made up of layers and layers of heaven. PhP695/whole cake

Mary Grace's Sansrival

It's very difficult to find yummy Sansrival and this one didn't disappoint! PhP102/slice

French Baker's Cheesecake

To eat or not to eat the extra cream is a choice you alone can make. PhP180 (Yep, I ate mine.)

Feta's Pudding with Vanilla Sauce

Light, tasty, yummy! PhP140

Razon of Guagua's Halo-Halo

Photo courtesy of Razon's. You guessed it right. I finished my Halo-Halo before I remembered to take a photo. Again. PhP100

Cupcakes by Sonja

Photo courtesy of Cupcakes by Sonja. I've tried almost every existing cupcake by Sonja and they're all wonderful! PhP95-PhP120

Bannapple's Bluberry Cheesecake

Photo courtesy of Foodspotting. You cannot not grab a cheesecake from this place, believe me. PhP125/slice

Magnolia Flavor House's Red Velvet

Photo courtesy of Foodspotting. Roses are red, violets are doesn't have anything to do with this, but really, this one is heaven sent. PhP240

Chocolat's Death by Tablea

Photo courtesy of Foodspotting. They were not kidding when they said "It's a slice of heaven!" And yes, it's the best death one could ever experience. PhP97/slice

Brownies Unlimited's S'mores

Photo courtesy of Brownies Unlimited. My go-to dessert if budget is low and I want to get a high level of satisfaction. PhP30

Country Style's Tripple Choco Boom

Photo courtesy of Country Style. The dessert that's right in every way possible at only PhP25.

I don't rank desserts. I think they're all beautiful in their own way. Next time I'll remember to take a photo before I devour them. I will really, really try.

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