Cure for Mondays Has Been Nominated in the Bloggys 2015 Awards

Friday, October 02, 2015

Cure for Mondays

My October started off with fireworks and flying colors. I was pretty sure that I had a couple of readers {okay, maybe five} and they have kept me going since I started Cure for Mondays years ago. The ability to reach out to people across the world from our humble home office/classroom continues to amaze me like a child gazing into the night sky. I admit my philosophy about writing is a bit old-fashioned because I believe that a writer has done her job even if she only has a handful of people thoughtfully "listening" to her. I have always been and will continue to be grateful to my virtual "tea mates" as they are the ones who sit down and listen to me rant or rave about things in this big, big world.

I am a tiny speck in the virtual world , but when I get e-mails and messages on Facebook from readers, it makes me feel like the Little Prince(ss) standing on top of my tiny world. And to know that people grab their favorite coffee or tea or wine or beer to sit down with me is enough to make me say, "Hey, today is a pretty, pretty day!"

Yesterday, {October 1st}, I got an e-mail from the Awards Committee Head for Bloggys 2015, Ramiel Rivera, and was told that Cure for Mondays has been nominated in the Family and Relationships category. I read it twice then did the cartwheels.

Thank you for the nomination and the love. Let's continue to exchange amazing stories about our families because as parents we put the world's greatest magicians to shame. I will continue to tread this path on homeschooling and won't tire of sharing them with you.

To the organizers of Bloggys 2015, thanks heaps for putting together this nationwide blog awarding event. Congratulations to the other nominees in the Family and Relationships category!

I agree with the organizers of Bloggys 2015 when they said that to be nominated is already an honor. I have been nominated, yes, but in my tiny world, you, my readers, have made me a winner! Blessed be!

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