Fun and Football at Kaya FC Academy

Monday, February 22, 2016

Photo courtesy of Kaya FC Academy

We used to wait on our toes for summer to come because it’s when all the fun activities and other enriching programs would happen. For traditionally schooled kids, summer is when they embark on activities they normally wouldn’t have time for during the school year. Homeschooled kids, on the other hand, have the entire year to explore different sports, out-of-home activities and learning opportunities. 

Toddlers and pre-school kids also need some exploring to do. Every one of those heaven-sent tots naturally love to kick and toss balls around, but what if a notable football academy opened the door {or should I say, the field?} for your little ones, pave the way for them so they may make something out of the love for that one very important ball they oh so love? 

Kindersoccer Programs of Kaya in Manila

Kaya FC Academy opened the year with the new toddler to pre-schooler programs that happen throughout the year. The little ones don’t have to wait on the bleachers and just be spectators while the big ones are playing because now they have the chance to become kickers, too! 

Kaya has three different classes for different age brackets:

Kaya Tots is for two- to three-year-olds who will be taught balance, coordination and social skills in a non-competitive environment. Classes are 45 minutes long and will include discovery play at the beginning of each class.

Kaya Kickers is for four- to five-year-old kids who will learn several football skills such as kicking, running with a ball, doing a header, and will be encouraged to score as many goals as they can. Class is 45 minutes with fun play at each start of the class.

Kindersoccer is for five- to seven-year-olds and is aimed at developing their technical and motor skills through fun games and activities. One of the most important aspects of football, which is teamwork, will be taught in Kindersoccer.

So go ahead and give them one big like on Facebook. You may also contact the following for your questions:

Danny Perry
Mobile: 09062603157

Chris Greatwich
Kaya FC Academy Director
Mobile: +639065037607

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