The Green Egg Recipe That's Not Icky

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Child No. 1 loves eggs (the superfood, that is), Child No. 2 loves saluyot (Corchorus capsularis L. or jute, and if this is not helping, it’s one of those slimy green leafy vegetables commonly served with other greens to make yummy Filipino vegetable dishes).

Somehow, somewhere in that kitchen of ours, I need to marry those two for harmonious, happy mealtimes.

There are so many ways to cook eggs, so why not toss in the greens? The green egg recipe will definitely not turn heads away from the table and will even get “wows” from those who are averse to anything vegetable-ly. It’s all healthy, yummy and not icky, I promise.

If you’re pressed for time but still want to serve a healthy dish, the green egg is your go-to recipe. You only need six things that you may already have in your kitchen.

Yields: 4 servings {In our case, 8  eggs will only serve two monsters.}


8 eggs
1 bunch saluyot leaves
1 teaspoon Moringa powder (malunggay powder)
2 teaspoons butter
salt to taste
a pinch of powdered black pepper


  1. Cut saluyot leaves into small bits.

  1. Beat eggs, add salt and pepper (If you beat lightly you will have denser eggs. If you beat vigorously your eggs will be fluffier. The choice is yours.)

  1. Add the Moringa powder and mix lightly until the powder is blended in evenly.

  1. Add the bits of saluyot leaves and mix lightly.

  1. Heat butter in skillet over medium heat and wait until it’s hot.

  1. Pour in egg mixture and make sure the saluyot is spread evenly. When eggs begin to set, pull, fold and lift until cooked. (Don’t stir unless you want it to look very messed up. But I doubt that you want eggs looking like Beethoven’s hair in an interesting shade of green.)

Eggs are so healthy that’s why they’re considered superfood. I went on an egg diet some time ago and it helped me slide down effortlessly from 123 to 113 lbs. in just two weeks. It has most, if not all, the nutrients that you need so you don’t feel sluggish and weak even if eggs are all you eat the whole day. There are so many other health benefits from eating eggs. It’s so surprising that there are a lot of myths surrounding it, too, like how it raises your bad cholesterol and how it may contribute to heart disease. Not true.

It’s important for me to mention though that the losing weight aspect of my egg diet was unintentional since I’ve never been the kind who would fuss over my weight as long as I feel healthy and strong, and I still fit into the stuff I have in my closet. I have strange cravings for food sometimes that would last for weeks, thus the egg diet. I also go for long periods without rice because one, I simply lose the appetite for it, and two, for health reasons. Rice is one of the most unhealthy, most useless food of all time. Try not eating rice for two weeks and your body will tell you something nice.

If you have heavenly egg recipes you want to share, just toss them in! My e-mail is

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