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Thursday, December 08, 2011

A shopping catalog for the obsessive-compulsive new mom... and dad

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One quiet Sunday afternoon six months ago, I woke up realizing that the green light was staring at me right in the eye. I’m not big on shopping but being a new mommy again (after nine long years) sent me racing to many different places hunting for anything from those tiny shoes to bath tubs. When I started buying things for my daughter, I realized that the checklist was a bottomless bucket. I especially got stuck among those delightful tiny things called booties and ended up buying more pairs than my tiny one would ever need. When you’re a first time mother of a baby girl, the 50 other things on the list would just have to wait while you relish the cutest footwear this planet could offer, even imagining the smell of baby feet in them. So the list did wait, and that actually meant that if my sister did not push my panic button, Attika would have left the hospital wearing the foxiest booties -– and just that, the foxiest booties and nothing else. 

My little one is turning five months old in a few days and I’ve done more shopping than I could ever imagine me doing. You won’t believe how many things these tiny people need. 

Here’s a roll of some of my favorite things in case you’re a mom (or dad, if you’re a hands-on dad like my husband) trying to complete your mommy checklist. 

There are hundreds of brands that will addle your trip to baby stores so you have to remember to do your research before you head out the door so you will be in the know of what’s available out there. You get what you pay for, I have always believed in that, but I also found out that with baby essentials, quality does not always translate to high price. 

Rock and Stroll

Choosing the right stroller is a baffling task because there are dozens waiting for you in baby specialist stores. It would help to know what kind will work for you, so the first step is always to identify your needs. Do you love the outdoors and often go jogging? Do you like taking leisurely walks? Do you travel a lot? 

If you haven’t done your stroller 101 yet, here’s a quick list that might help you.

Layback Stroller 

The traditional flat-folding type whose reclining back rest is useful for infants who need to lie flat all the time, and can be pulled up to a sitting position once the baby is ready and can already sit up on his own.  It often comes with basic features like a canopy, food tray, basket, and comfortable seat cover. 

Lightweight/ Umbrella 

This one does fold like an umbrella and is recommended for parents who do a lot of traveling. They often come in modern sleek designs that are both functional and appealing. 


The versatile stroller which basically is a frame that can securely hold a bassinet, a carrier or a car seat. Others consider this the stroller of strollers because of its multifarious functions and it is also guaranteed to serve you from infancy to toddlerhood. 

Jogging Stroller 

Designed for parents who love the outdoors. This three-wheeler is a champ when it comes to maneuverability so (literally) running around is a breeze. 

Travel System 

It comes with a stroller and a detachable carrier so moving a sleeping baby from the car to the stroller and vice versa would not be such a fuss. 

Double Stroller 

This one is good not only if you have twins. If you have babies who are growing up a few years apart from each other, this is the most convenient way of transporting two kids at the same time.

Baby Carriages or Prams 

The classic look is undeniably irresistible. This is for parents who are more comfortable with their babies facing them. It’s only good for the baby’s first few months though, so enjoy those leisurely walks as often as you can. Time flies fast; you just might need to let go of it before you know it. 


If you’re the adventurous type and likes taking walks on rough terrains, this is the stroller for you and your tot. It’s also called a Sport Utility Stroller so it has the flamboyant look that’s hard to resist. But always make sure you choose a brand that lives up to its name.  

Make a quick list also of features that you want in a stroller. In our case, we opted for a 
flat-folding type by Aprova with a reclining seat that is comfortable for our newborn and will be just as useful and comfortable until she’s a toddler. 

To make sure the stroller will last us a long time, we checked for quality and that means turning the stroller over and sizing every bit of it before finally getting our approval. Two things: rust-proof and sturdy – me, happy mommy. 

Besides its lime green color that I absolutely love, it comes with an extendable canopy with a viewing window so I can see Attika even if she’s not facing me. The reversible handle also allows me to have her feet end facing me because I feel more secure that way if I do my errands at the grocery. There’s also a huge basket under the carrier for her stuff and more stuff after I do my shopping; an enclosed compartment for diapers and wipes to keep them clean; another compartment at the handle where I keep smaller things like pacifiers and teethers  but which I use for  keys and loose change;  a front bar with an aptly-sized food tray that we can use in lieu of a high chair when she starts taking solid food; three bottle holders (two at the handle and one in front); rear breaks; comfortable footrest; and a harness. 

Forty Winks No More. I’m thankful for innovations. Gone were the days when parents had to buy different beds for the baby’s different stages. One, bassinet; two, crib; three, playpen. The cost would have sent us up the wall, so buying a two-in-one playpen has done wonders not only for our pocket but for our space at home. We chose Pietro in – yes, you guessed right – lime green shade with adorable animal prints, because it has a removable layer which serves well now that she’s still a few months away from sitting up, so I don’t have to bend too far to get her in and out of bed. It also serves as a changing table. Its features include a compartment for diapers; wheels for easy mobility; and rocker runners that can be conveniently folded in. It’s sturdy yet it does not have a cross-type support on the sides that were common in older generation playpens, so it’s bump-free, worry-free. 

I will be adding more things on this mommy roll as often as I can, which means the progress of this list will be dependent on those short post-feeding, diaper-changing, rocking and rolling times I have for myself.


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