Recipe: Magic sambo

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I like my magic sambo marble-like
What’s the fastest dessert you can whip up? Mine is ice cream. I grab a tub from the freezer, scoop out the frozen goody and place a generous serving in a cup. That’s dessert in a jiffy with zero imagination.
Santy, a former colleague, came to visit us last weekend and  my head went blank when I tried to think of something to prepare. As a last recourse, I spun around and yelped, “Mother!”

I can think of three reasons why black sambo is one of the most popular desserts around. One, it’s yummy. Two, it’s easy on the budget. Three, it’s so easy to prepare.

Let’s get back to number three. My mother created her own version of this dessert and you won’t believe how she has made it even simpler. If you only have five minutes to prepare and 30 minutes waiting time, I promise you, you will have a divine dessert waiting for your guest. I also took the liberty of renaming this dessert to magic sambo.

Magic sambo is an answered prayer for chocolate lovers. Instead of using a creamy white layer like what others usually do when they prepare black sambo, my mother created one that’s purely made of chocolate.

I’m not quite sure why it’s called “black sambo” since the latter already means black. What I know is that I named this dessert magic sambo because one afternoon, I left the kitchen for a few minutes to feed my daughter. When I went back, the dessert was already in the freezer waiting to set. Yes, just like magic.
What you need
Condensed milk, 1 can
All purpose cream, 250 ml (1 tetra pack)
Knox gelatin, 3 packs
Cocoa powder, ½ cup
Water, 2 cups

What to do
1. In a bowl, mix condensed milk and all purpose cream. Set aside.
2. Dissolve ½ cup chocolate in a cup of water. Pour it in a skillet and allow to simmer over low fire. Stir slowly until it is ready.
3. Slowly mix chocolate over your bowl of condensed milk and all purpose cream.
4. In a cup of water, melt three packs of Knox gelatin.
5. Gradually add the gelatin mix to the other ingredients and mix them thoroughly. Remember that your gelatin will hold your ingredients together so it is crucial that you are able to mix them well.
6. Once your ingredients have been mixed thoroughly, pour the mix into your desired container. For my magic sambo, I like it in a flat bottom glass bowl (Pyrex).
7. Place in the freezer. It will be ready in 30 minutes.
8. Savor every bite!

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