Thank you Dell for my Swatch!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Swatch watches were a huge part of my childhood. I was not too fortunate to own a collection but I've always thought of them as lovely, lovely things. My sister owned a couple, if I reme
mber it correctly. When big sister's away, I'd try on her chunky Pop Swatch that looked like an oversized turnip on my skinny wrist. Still, I thought that was pretty.

My favorite was a Swatch ring watch, which I found to be really difficult to find at the time when I was ready to buy my own.

I was equally happy with my pink and blue Benetton though, which I got as a surprise for one of my birthdays. I stayed loyal to it until its demise on my 18th birthday.

It's a Sunday today and I'm grinning from ear to ear. I recently got a Dell Inspiron from Mr Young and what came with it was a voucher for a Swatch watch. My lucky star must have flewn over my house without me noticing it. The clerk had me choose from four different models and I chose the one that looked closest to the classic Swatches that I used to really like as a young girl.

I'm happy and I'm loving it.

Thank you Dell

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